Now that back-to-school season has arrived around Brewster, WA, have you ensured that your car is safe and reliable? Sunrise Chevrolet in Omak, WA has a few reminders for you.

Make sure the regular maintenance for your car is up-to-date, especially the oil change. Did you know that the quality of your oil impacts fuel economy? If you're due now or in the next few months, get an oil change and have the air filter inspected too. Having your oil change a little early is much better than too late or missing it altogether. It's also a time when having good tires is even more essential. So, your tires should be inspected for quality condition and rotated. Don't forget about the spare tire.

Is it time to replace your wiper blades? Have them inspected and replaced if necessary. Do you have enough washer fluid? We recommend checking all fluids for the maximum level and topping off as needed.

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