Few things are as scary as smoke coming out of your car's hood while you are driving in Omak, WA. When customers ask our staff at Sunrise Chevrolet why their car is overheating, there are several answers.

The most common reason that your car is overheating is that your vehicle needs coolant. Too little coolant or none at all will definitely cause your vehicle to overheat, no matter how cold it is outside. Relatedly, if your coolant system has a leak, you could lose coolant on a regular basis, and that could cause your vehicle to overheat.

If coolant is not at the root of the issue, you may have a broken water pump. The water pump's job is to circulate water throughout the engine and keep it cool. If this function doesn't work, your car will overheat.

Other common reasons for your vehicle overheating include radiator issues, insufficient oil, and thermostat failure.

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